The population of more than one million people clearly make Birmingham as the most populated city in the United Kingdom next to London. There are a lot of good things revolving around the city to keep it sophistic, and as a neutral spectator one should be jealous of aspiring working opportunities in the capital of the Midlands.

Birmingham has been serving as the largest manufacturing and engineering centre in UK, employing more than 1,00,000 people in the last decade. It is worth mentioning that Birmingham’s steel mills and iron industries have played a major role in Britain’s industrial revolution. Recently it is reported that Birmingham will also be going to focus on economic sectors, which will be a huge boost for Britain youths as it will clear the way to open many job opportunities.

National Express Group, a business/transport company, remains as the largest private sector in Birmingham as they have hired a mammoth sum of around 10,000 employees. However, there are also many other such companies in the city including Sainsbury, Asda, Jaguar Cars Ltd, Specalist Computer Holdings Ltd, Lloyds Banking Group, Inspired Gaming Ltd etc., who all have been noted for quality across the globe.

Birmingham is good place for people to live in who show much affection and love in money. A recent survey says the average salary in UK is around £21 k, where as the average salary in Birmingham is around £23 k – one of the worthiest reasons to reveal the population of Birmingham being the second highest in UK.

Despite being hugely crowded, we cannot expect traffic jams, train delays, train cancellation in Birmingham. According to a recent survey conducted by TomTom, Birmingham remains as one of the least congested cities in Britain.

Being a diverse and multicultural city, anyone moving to Birmingham can taste a wide variety of foods; quality restaurants are available throughout the streets of the city. If anyone wants to prepare food by themselves, Birmingham still gives him the chance as fresh vegetables and fruits are available throughout the city round the clock.

By having a warm look on above statements, we can finalize that Birmingham is a top and elite place to have a peaceful as well as worthiest life.